Takeaways: Broken things

As cliche as it may sound, some things are meant to be broken.

I was doing a favor for my dad when I accidentally dropped my phone a couple of weeks ago–the glass facing down. I was in utter shock when I saw my phone on the floor.

I did not panic because I normally drop my phone around the house or somewhere when I place it on top of a table and it slides. When I picked it up, I saw the shattered glass. It was terrible! I never imagine that my carelessness will result to something like this.

My relatives dropped me off at kn’s place and I went inside the elevator still thinking. I felt stupid for a moment but I didn’t get angry the way I used to before. I was surprised with my reaction! I stayed calm this time. I felt at peace because I knew that God is teaching me a lesson.

Over the past few weeks, I was attached to my phone. This incident reminded that I should not take pleasure on this device more than I take pleasure in my time with God.

I called my dad and confessed what happened. He accepted the fact and did not get angry either! He also asked his friends for contacts. My mom and sister also instructed me to tape the shattered glass so that I won’t get bruised. I received grace and felt it in full!

I realized that when things like this happen, our reactions matter. We either make the situation good or worse. Praise God for helping me deal with this!

I also realized that we need other people’s help. Keeping this to myself wouldn’t solve the problem. My dad knows someone who is from Greenhills and his friend gave me directions where to go.

I also told my best friend about the incident and asked if she would like to go with me. Apparently, she was able to visit the place before!

The security guards at the MRT stations and malls were also very friendly. We asked around for directions and they gladly helped!

This incident reminded me of us. We are broken. We cannot make things right. But when we go to God and ask Him to give us grace and accept that we will remain broken on our own, we receive it in full!



Happy Monday + Updates 11.6.17

Hi all! The past week I spent most of my time with relatives from overseas.

Being hospitable is one way we can show our love. One time I was tasked to drive them to a place. Due to miscommunication they thought I left them. Thankfully, my aunt mentioned the real story.

Despite a wide age gap, they still fancied these bonsai plants sold on top of Mayon Volcano.

Vintage outfit during a day trip.

I also did a mini hike to Inorogan in Iriga City. My dad gladly accompanied me so that I will be better prepared for the 2 day hike later this week.

I was able to read the book by John Ortberg entitled “It All Goes Back in the Box”. It reminded me of The Purpose Driven Life and Don’t Waste Your Life by Rick Warren and John Piper accordingly. The message is the same–We all have one life. We ought to make it count for Christ. I hope this week you’ll be able to make use of your time wisely.


Thoughts: Remembering the dead

It is customary for Chinese families to light red candles for the loved ones who passed away. It signifies that we are happy for their state in heaven. It is also customary to burn incense and “pray” to ancestors like what Mulan did.

While we still keep this tradition, I believe it is for the purpose of respecting the elderly in our community. People who grew up with their parents who are first generational Filipino-Chinese tend to be more sensitive when we dismiss their rituals.

For me All Saints’ day means visiting my grandparents’ tomb both on my mom and dad side. We also visit my great grandparents’ tomb on my dad side sometimes.

My uncle is really intentional when we go to the cemetery. He shares stories about my grandmother. He would often tell that she likes to paint and collect jewelry. He shares her beliefs and her experiences.

My uncle also likes to discuss the meaning of their names and other characters that are written in the stone.

When I took this picture my grandfather was already ill. It was his one year death anniversary at the start of this month.

This is a picture of my Angkong (dad’s dad). I like this picture a lot because of his stature and the waves! I never really got close to him because he was often out of the house playing mahjong.

When he was already bed ridden, my uncle asked me to let our Pastor visit him. It was really a hard time for us because we rescheduled his visit three times.

Pastor Collen shared about Jesus and my cousin, sister and I listened behind. Angkong could barely speak but I think He felt relieved. He also listened carefully. Afterwards, Pastor asked us to sing for Angkong. We sang Amazing Grace.

It was also the last time that I saw Angkong alive. Praise God for that one last chance to visit him and the opportunity to sing for him.

We also remember by looking back at their photographs. My grandparents’ house are filled with pictures!

My Guakong and Guama (grandparents on mom’s side) taken on my mom’s wedding day

I hope that as we remember our loved ones who passed away, we also remember to:

  1. Live our lives to the full. Live your life for Christ. Serve with your heart and hands.
  2. Thank God for the family and friends that you have (and show that you care)!
  3. Give your time, talent and treasures to the people around you (And not to spend most for our time on leisure).

I hope that when our time is up we will not regret anything. Remember that our lives are short. We need to make them count for eternity.


Happy Monday + updates 10.30.17

How are you all? I had a series of business meetings, events and trips! I accompanied my dad on a product lunch where we got the chance to stay at the Fort.

I got to sip my favorite coffee and try out Kery Sports gym facilities. I personally had fun using the foam roller to loosen my tight hamstrings.

We also roamed around BGC and saw the 1000th Jollibee branch and other wall arts!

Last week, I also had pies overload. I have eaten McDonald’s Apple pie and Banana pie, Jollibee’s peach mango pie and El Mare’s buko pie in a day! That made me realize that I would definitely choose pie over burger and fries.

I was at my parents’ house and had an itch to sort my stuff. After cleaning my stuff, I still felt uneasy seeing how messy the place is after several years of not minding it. Good thing my sister was also wanting to clean her stuff so I volunteered to help her. I had a good time unearthing some old memories and knowing more about my family.

I saw my dad’s telescope, my walkie talkie, some articles and projects written, and old toys including this camera.

My aunt’s love for fashion pieces was also evident. I find these funky sunglasses that were probably the in thing during their time.

It was a great week well spent with family. I hope you had a great time too!


In the kitchen: home cooked meals (Part 2)

Hi all! How’s your week? Recently I posted some dishes that Teaz cooked as a form of documentation. Here are some simple dishes that I would love to bring to my parent’s menu.

Meatballs in a clear soup. We mixed pork & carrots and added some onion chives.

Tortang talong with mushrooms!

Fried & boneless fish with sweet chili dip

Salted egg with sliced tomatoes

Home made lumpiang shanghai and scrambled egg with spinach & mushrooms

What are you favorite meals? Please share some recipes!

Stay inspired,


Happy Monday + updates 10.23.17

How are you all? It’s almost the end of the month. Were you able to achieve your goals for this month? Were you able to make the most of your time?

For me, family time is important even when it means I have to talk to them over the phone. Communication is vital in any kind of relationship.

I was surprised when my sister called several times during the week. Recently she shared a lot about herself and the things that she did. We frequently use Facebook messenger video call or viber call.

Accompanied my aunt for her chiropractic treatment. She has scoliosis and it was just started getting treated recently. I realized that doing yoga and pilates will help you a lot in terms of having good posture and having a healthy back.

Pomegranates! While eating the tiny seeds, I asked God why he made it such like this.

It was painstaking and yet the experience taught me that good things are enjoyed when we take time to slow down.

Scrapbook materials for a friend’s surprise party!

It will be my first time to trek next month! I’m excited but at the same time anxious because I don’t know what to expect so I’m asking my friends and even the sales people what they know about hiking. I’m also looking through reviews and different articles online. I realized that when I decided that I want to do this, I need to do hard work to be physically fit and research at the same time. What a commitment!

My dad’s best friend is very meticulous. While having dinner, he observed a lot of things. He even mentioned that these plants won’t grow.

Have a great week ahead!


Takeaways: flat lays

Recently I have been reading crafty and creative blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Nubby Twiglet. Both blogs exemplified beautiful flat lays.

I also love doing flat lays and documenting things that are on my desk. Their blogs challenged me to make them better. Here are some flat lay photos that I took during the previous weeks.

Fresh tangerine and kindle

In this photo, I used an iPhone filter called Chrome. It doesn’t do much in the photo aside from brightening it up a bit.

I learned that brightening up images can make the quality better. Try it!

Antacid medicine from my aunt

Another tip: go near the window and only use one lighting source.

In this photo you can see the shadows on the left. I used a lighting source from the right.

Caring for my eyes. Recent purchases from the drug store. What is your eye regimen? It is actually my first time to try Olay eyes. Have you tried it before?

In this photo I used my sister’s blanket as background. You can use solid colors depending on the color of the objects you are going to place. Usually I use white or brown since both colors are more neutral and flexible. Sometimes, I use placemats, blankets or shirts. Be creative! It doesn’t need to be conventional!

My desk while having some snacks.

In this photo, I angled my phone in such a way that the objects are not a hundred percent covered.

Tip: You can play with the angles until you get the perfect shot!

I will be sharing separately for the flat lays I did for food in the following posts.

Stay inspired,