Tips on Thursdays: themed photos

Hi there! How’s your week going so far? For today’s tips, I’m sharing how to you can prepare color coordinated photos in your phone library or instagram.

Tip #1. Choose a theme. I usually prepare a theme for a week in order for me to easily pick my subjects, outfits, and style my journal. This week I picked black and white.

Tip #2. Use the same filters. I use the same filter for each of the photographs in order for them to have a uniform look. I also put an instax frame to make it more vintage.

Tip #3. Take photos of random stuff. I took photos of the falling leaves, water bottle, and outfits during the week.


have fun,


Words on Wednesdays: Say no


After reading this book, I realized how entitled I am. Our parents, being baby boomers, really worked hard almost all their lives. They are used to working almost 24 hours. They cannot live without work. Our generation is more prone to self-entitlement. Everything is accessible in an instant. We want results now. We want to have life outside work. We are dissatisfied easily. At least that is in my opinion. What do you think?

I have to remind myself especially in the area of work that I need to do my best because it is not just me who’s in the line. As a believer of Jesus Christ, I ought to follow His example.

Dr. Townsend described two kinds of pain–success pain and symptom pain. Success pain is experienced when we push ourselves beyond our limits. For example, we do five more pilates stands despite the ache that we are feeling or keep on writing despite the rejections that we faced after we submitted articles to a news company. On the other hand, symptom pain is experienced as a result of mediocrity. For example, we notice that our work isn’t good enough. We feel that discomfort and yet we did not act on it.

As much as I want to feel more success pain, I can relate to the symptom pain more. Let’s not forget that we are here to excel and give our best. Let’s not forget to do hard things now rather than regret later.

stay motivated,


Thoughts on Tuesdays: Entertainment addiction

Why are people addicted to entertainment?

This generation is so hooked to social media. Lately I’ve been seeing two of my sisters watch youtube almost all the time. Lately, I also started to watch a couple of vloggers. I must say it is indeed addicting. I also noticed some shift of bloggers to vloggers. They were creating more video content than written content. I want to try that also in the future. What do you think?
Why are we prone to entertainment addiction? I think it’s because we think we can forget our present world for the mean time. We want to unwind after a day’s work. We want to be in the other person’s world. We want to tap into our emotions. We want to have fun for a moment.
But are we actually resting? I don’t think so. I feel like my eyes really hurt after watching several videos. And it does not apply just in youtube. It also applies in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. For me, my favorite app would be pinterest. It gives me ideas and is a good platform for sharing really awesome photos but sometimes it turns into addiction. I make it as an excuse to postpone what I actually ought to do like read a book, plan a meal or do a business plan. I always catch myself falling into these traps.
Sometimes the comfort entertainment gives allow us to forget that we ought to do something more important. I feel guilty of this too. Be careful friends. Let’s reach our full potential by doing the hard things now.
Stay inspired,

Monday musings: Sunshine after the rain

Hi there! It is still rainy in the Philippines. I must say that as the years go by I am less affected by the weather. It is such a sad state to see some people roaming around the streets with wet feet. More so, some people find shelter in side streets and does not have enough covering.

Our country is prone to experience typhoons maybe because of where we are geographically. Last year, Typhoon Nina directly hit the Bicol region, my home town. We thought it was just like an ordinary typhoon so we did not prepare that much. Normally, my parents and other relatives would install several used tarpaulins to prevent the wind and rain from entering our house and establishment. This time we did not because we were all busy in the business and we did not check the online news. Around 8 pm of Christmas day, we just had family dinner and are preparing to have karaoke when the electricity was cut off. The wind was heavy and there were thunderstorms. We did not mind. We thought it will just pass. We even played some games to substitute the karaoke.


After a while, the water was gushing in the balcony. The rain was already entering a portion of our living room. I panicked! In my mind I regretted that we did not listen to my other relatives’ advice to prepare. We kept ourselves busy on that night trying to prevent the water from coming in. For some, the duty is to collect water that already went in.

It was a crazy night and a very different Christmas experience. Despite the bad situation, I felt blessed to be with my family during this time of distress. I also felt God’s presence who gave us the strength while cleaning the house. I was still able to sent a message to friends from Manila asking for their prayers. After a while, the mobile signal was already gone.

We slept past one in the morning of the following day. I was exhausted after collecting the water. Thankfully, the typhoon already passed by our house. We did not mind that there was no electricity yet nor mobile signal. It was as if we were stuck in an island and the most important thing is that we were all safe.


Upon waking up, the road was still flooded. We had an extra day off from work. It was time for me to reflect. I also got the chance to take pictures after the typhoon. Despite the calamity, God’s creation is still wonderful.


The gloomy weather was reflected on the glass and table.

broken lamp post typhoon


We spent the rest of the day at home. My siblings and dad, both of whom are fond of watching, had an instant media fast. Meanwhile, I got to enjoy the usual things that I do since I am not dependent on the internet nor television.

Swiss miss and the radio that my aunt was listening to
sulking in the bed!
Re-reading this old book
Documenting memories
More reading materials! Science 101 experiments.
Stamps- Christmas themed

In the end, despite the bad situation, I enjoyed that day.


After two days, we were already able to go outside. No more flood! Yay!


This dog is ready for a walk.

Stay inspired,



Food Trip: Desgo Hotpot

My aunt loves chinese food as if she’s not eating the same cuisine almost every day. During their visit to our place,  she suggested we try the seafood restaurant she saw while passing by the street. Our driver wasn’t around that day since my aunt just came back from Hong Kong. We walked to the restaurant despite the drizzles.

I thought it was located in the newly built condo. To her dismay, my aunt wasn’t talking about the restaurant I thought she was. She looked around but didn’t find the one she’s eyeing for. So between Desgo and Firewood kitchen, we chose the former because the interiors look super cute. And we thought other people are also dining. They end up to be the owners having their dinner as well. We came past 8 pm since I came home from the office later than usual and we have to back to get umbrellas.


It looks like a bird’s nest.  I personally thought that the design of the restaurant is totally unrelated to it being a hotpot spot but it looks interesting and unique.


I honestly had fun in this restaurant. Given that it is only operating around four days, I would say that the staff are not yet well trained. However they are very friendly and very accommodating. The owner is also very hands on. He even prepared the dips for the meat since we do not know how. I am not a fan of dips so I cared less even though there were big portions served. Plain boiled food is still the best! Why is the kalamansi called green orange though?

7.jpgKn, my cousin, posed in one of the bird cage like tables. She’s also visiting us.


After sitting in one of the tables, we were given a paper and pencil. We circled items that we wanted to eat and be included in the hotpot. We chose the seafood style as the soup base.

10.jpgThe basin is big enough for sharing plus the soup is refillable. There are also dried ingredients that are essential for chinese cooking however I don’t know what their names. If you know kindly comment below. I would love to check them out! There are also two sticks of onion chives for flavoring. We already dropped the corn that we ordered before taking pictures of the food.

11.jpgWe ordered the pork meat, spinach, corn, seafood balls, yam (taro), and tofu however as a freebie the owner allowed us to try the wagyu beef. I suggest you take the pork instead because the beef is so fatty. My job was to remove the fats from the soup.


The rice cake that the owner gave as freebie. It somehow tastes like biko (rice pudding Philippine style) however there is some unique taste probably due to inclusion of beans in the ingredients.


Our group photo while eating. The staff gladly volunteered to take one. Here’s to more laughs and talks over dinner.


Have fun,


Tips on Thursdays: How to stay fit

Recently, I realized that I am starting to have a bulging tummy. It disturbs me. After three months of having only an average of 30-minute exercise on a weekly basis and almost 4-5 hours of sleep daily the results are showing. My appetite is also starting to increase recently. I don’t know why but is this related to getting old? Or is it because I check food blogs to inculcate new recipes at home. Here are some tips that I have also read from several blogs and articles:

Tip #1: Eat Right. Eat more fresh and natural food like whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. Lessen food that are high in sugar and salt. Recently, I have been trying to apply this but there are so many temptations like the Korean cookie that I was holding in my previous post. Good thing I can’t read the label because everything is in Korean. Anyhow, I’ll be posting these recipes for you.

Tip #2: Devote time for exercise. Look for a routine that will work for you and follow through. I hated exercising before because usually ball games were emphasized in elementary and high school. I suck in sports especially those that have something to do with balls. If you’re still having a hard time because you’re not a naturally disciplined person, tag your friends along!

Tip #3: Sleep. As experts say, have 6-8 hours of sleep. To be honest, I’m not good at these. Of these three, I struggle with this a lot. I should go to bed by 9:30 or 10 pm otherwise, my wake up time will still be 6:00-6:30 am. I’m always a morning person and I love it!

1422This monument is doing the hundreds (a warm up in Pilates)

1550While I’m doing downdog. Not yet perfect but going to get there!

Always remember that no matter how many times we fail in keeping these habits, we can still get up. What matters most is the choice that we make.

Stay posi,


Words on Wednesdays: Spice up your life

Sometimes we fall into the trap of doing the same things. We eat the same food, walk in the same route, have the same work routine, talk to the same people, and watch the same shows. When I tend to do routine work, I feel like I am not progressing. I know somewhere I have to tweak it a bit.


Last week I challenged myself to alter some of the items in my routine list:

  • Instead of eating a spoon of honey I decided to try the orange flavored vitamin C drink
  • Instead of walking in the overpass, I walked on the street
  • Instead of eating in the cafeteria, I went to get some salad somewhere for dinner
  • Instead of checking my favorite blogs, I watched Mark Zuckerberg’s commencement speech in Harvard

Concurrently, in the office it was our first Friday to wear jeans so yay for a small organizational change.

Stay inspired,