Happy Monday + Updates 10.16.17

How are you all? It was a week full of meetups with family and friends. It was fun to get updates from them but it was also exhausting! As an introvert I have to sneak in some quiet moments to recharge.

While waiting for Michelle at Fully Booked.

Business + self help books

Meet ups with Michelle after a year! We attended a very interesting videography conference but more than it was a great time catching up with her stories! I realized that we both appreciate beauty and excellence.

Meeting people also meant getting to try food that I don’t usually eat on a daily basis.

Duck and noodles for starters during our family’s mooncake festival.

We also played the customary dice game!

I also got to know more about my cousins and other relatives during our family dinner. Janine made this penguin bookmark on her own. This is so cute! We might have inherited some creative genes from our grandmother!

Dara gave 2 tea bags (with no caffeine) during our high tea. I was so energized after we discussed about our learnings about God, ourselves and other people. It was great catching up with her too!

I was able to finish reading Set-Apart Femininity by Leslie Ludy. I was reminded that we shouldn’t settle for mediocrity. Our lives are more than just having worldly success.

Capped off the week by going to Circuit Makati for our group’s mini outreach. Jefferson (beside Chelsea) wants to be a police man someday while Yuri (wearing olive green shirt) wants to be a soldier. These kids are so attentive and adorable! They were so eager to learn about God! This experience reminded me that God is the one who works in our hearts but He wants us to take part in sharing Him to others.

Have a fruitful week ahead!



Happy monday + updates 10.9.17

Hi all! How was your week end? What interesting things did you do?

For me it was spending time with my aunts. It was a bit exhausting knowing that they love shopping. Although that is the case, being with them allowed me to get to know them–their current stories, joys, hurts and frustrations.

A family shopping at S&R.

Zests! I will be posting my top S&R picks separately. I love to see new packaging!

Our youngest sister was extremely talkative this week. She had the initiative to call and have a chat with me! Sometimes this girl makes pleasant surprises! She even showed me her work from Color Touch app.

I also attended an Ikebana exhibit with co-mentees. Our mentor Auntie Vangie did some for the exhibit. This particular piece is made out of chopsticks.

What I love about the Ikebana style of flower arranging is that it is both simple and elegant. They have a motto that you can arrange flowers any time and made out of anything.

Back to this street again with my aunt. She’s still so energetic! One time she’s even faster than me even at age 70.

Our former househelp came along with my aunt. She’s spoiling us with pasalubongs from Laguna! She knows I like their home made ube!

I was also able to finish reading Brave Enough by Nicole Unice. It was a really good book.

May we find the courage to do the hard things this week. Having the courage means saying yes to Jesus. It could mean praying for other people who have hurt you or going an extra mile to win a friend.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Happy Monday + updates 10.2.17

Hi! How is your day so far? Last week, I stayed most of the time in kn’s place. At first I was a bit scared because one time when I went there for sleepover I wasn’t able to sleep well. Thank God my sleep was really peaceful during my stay!

I also went there because the internet in our place was all used up. I didn’t know that we have to downgrade the quality of youtube videos so that the internet allocation won’t be used up immediately. Or I might have downloaded a lot!

Eating breakfast and at the same time writing reflections after a very refreshing jog around the campus! I already took several bites before I took this picture.

I met with my mentor, Ate Vaye, across the school. She was visiting student volunteers as well. I committed to accomplish several goals for the last 3 months of the year. Truly it is refreshing when we seek other people’s counsel. We shared a bunch of Jollibee’s peach mango pies!

I accidentally dropped my phone so I went with Nikki to Greenhills for repair. It feels brand new now! We also had a mini adventure along the way.

Sesame balls for dessert! Brought a mini notebook to document our trip.

I also watched The Painted Veil. Its cinematography is so cool! Through this movie, I was reminded that love forgives and that people can change.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day!


Happy Monday + updates 9.25.17

Hi everyone! Last week was full of celebration and dine outs because I just celebrated my 24th birthday.

My sister gave me statement earrings but when I wore them they just didn’t look suitable. I clipped them on my clothes instead.

Everyone at home has either work or school so I ended up buying my birthday cake. I decided to do something different. I tried to come up with 12 different flavors of cakes that I have not tried before. I thought it was easy but the 12 slices became 8. And the 8 became 4. I struggled a bit because I cannot find a good reason to splurge on cakes that I know I wouldn’t finish eating.

I bought a Pistachio cheesecake from Toby’s Estate and Ube cheesecake, barako cheesecake and dark chocolate cake from Delimondo Cafe.

My cousin Kn on my left and my other sister on my right

My other sister was in a retreat so I ended up holding a tiger puppet in lieu of her presence.

My sister also gave me brownies from Purple Oven. I cannot imagine that a few years back I disliked eating chocolate cakes or anything chocolate flavored because they are too sweet. I guess that’s because God is capable of changing our preferences just like He is capable of changing our attitudes, actions and outlook in life.

It was also my friend’s birthday! She hosted a dice game and I got these prizes. She also gave me a card and gift for my birthday.

I enjoyed wrapping this present! It is also eco friendly!

I also had lunch with my best friend at Ba Noi because I wanted to eat something Vietnamese. She gave me another skin care product to try on. Nikki is my skin care specialist!

We tried the beef noodles, chicken rice and spring rolls.

We also tried Mesa’s saba con yelo for dessert!

Achi Jehan and I had dinner at Coffee Bean for mentoring group. It was a meaningful time! I learned a lot from her! I also saw my close college friend in the cafe! What a joy!

Last sunday I had lunch with my mentoring group at Botan Cafe. It caters mostly to Taiwanese/ mainland Chinese but everyone is welcome to try their food. I like their Taro milk tea a lot!

In between celebrations, I continued taking up online courses, doing business and exercise. I also took the Value in action (VIA) survey and learned that my number one strength is appreciation of beauty and excellence!

I will posting a special entry sharing my reflections as I celebrate my birthday.

Until then,


Happy Monday + updates

Hi everyone! How’s your day going so far? The past week I tried eating Durian the first time! My sister was totally against it because she didn’t like the taste. I waited for two days for it to ripen and searched on youtube how you can actually cut the fruit.

It was spike-y but I like the smell of it. I miss the durian candy that I tasted before. It’s brand is Apo ni lola but I don’t see it in the supermarket.

I also invited some friends over for a movie entitled Do you Believe? I cannot believe that one of them cried a lot!

I prepared something light. It is an improvised cheese platter with a filipino twist (rambotan instead of grapes).

I have also browsed a couple of magazines from my friend Dara.

I loved the idea of this place! It looks so fresh!

It was also rainy for a few days and dela Rosa became flooded. Thank God the next day it was already sunny!

I also tried doing self portraits.

Have a good week ahead!

Stay inspired,


Happy Monday + Updates

Autumn in the Philippines

Happy Monday! It is good to be back! In the following posts, I will be sharing my journey in tidying my space as well as my reflections.

I’m loving this cold season. It seems autumn in the Philippines with all those falling leaves along the side walks. It is nearly the last quarter of the year. Time flied so fast. How are you doing so far?

Stay inspired,


Friday Feels+Updates

It has been a crazy one and a half year juggling work and personal life. Time flied so fast but I am happy that I am able to update this blog today! Sharing photos from my recent trip to the Saturday Market in Salcedo park.

Black native chickens for sale
Sunflowers for sale. Aren’t they lovely?

I went to the Saturday market to try the golden duck eggs sold by my college friend under Gawad Kalinga only to find out that the stall isn’t existing anymore. We bought the ordinary salted egg instead from a market nearby.

Half peeled Salted Egg. It stained my fingers!

Have a nice weekend!

Stay posi,