Happy Monday + Updates

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re having a blast doing your work. As for me, I will be on a hiatus mode. For the coming month, I will be taking things slowly asking God for clearer directions in my life. I took a break from work knowing that my current job is not in line with my long term plans. I hope everything will turn out to be alright (edit–I know everything will turn out for the best. I just need to trust God). For the meantime, here are my favorite blogs. I hope you can visit them:

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The Simple Things magazine- link to blog

stay inspired,


Tips on Thursdays: themed photos

Hi there! How’s your week going so far? For today’s tips, I’m sharing how to you can prepare color coordinated photos in your phone library or instagram.

Tip #1. Choose a theme. I usually prepare a theme for a week in order for me to easily pick my subjects, outfits, and style my journal. This week I picked black and white.

Tip #2. Use the same filters. I use the same filter for each of the photographs in order for them to have a uniform look. I also put an instax frame to make it more vintage.

Tip #3. Take photos of random stuff. I took photos of the falling leaves, water bottle, and outfits during the week.


have fun,


Thoughts on Tuesdays: Reflections on Toruk

A couple of weeks back, I got the chance to see Toruk:The First Flight held in Mall of Asia together with my relatives. It was one of those Cirque de Soleil tours where actors do different stunts as the story goes. I expected it to be more lively but it turned out to be more dramatic.

The story was about the village of Pandora and the two brothers who had a long journey to get articles from the sub-villages. These articles would then be used to save Pandora from the foreseen disaster.

As always, I try to get life lessons from anything. Here are my realizations while watching the show:

  • Creativity comes in different forms. In order to make the show, there were orators, dancers, singers, prop makers, make up artists and directors. Each one has been given a different talent essential to make the show outstanding.


Balancing Act. The beam looks sturdy!

  • Technology helped a lot in the props making. Instead of using three dimensional props to recreate a scene taken from the sea, the directors used audio visual projectors instead.


  • The dancers took time to train really well. It takes a certain amount of time to master the moves especially for the people who did aerial stunts. I applaud them! I was inspired to practice yoga and pilates to gain more flexibility.


Here are the other photos that I took during the show:


Stay inspired,


Courage to start

I always wanted to start a blog but my perfectionist tendencies dictate that I research some more, try to figure out the best title, work on to make sure the blog will be a success. I ended up not making progress one and a half years later!

Courage to change my hair style

Recently I realized that in almost all areas of my life I am afraid to try because  I am afraid to fail. I listed down things that I really wanted to do in life but kept delaying because I reason that I am not ready for each of them– this blog included. I always like to remind my sister not to cram for exams and projects but I ended up doing the same. 

May this blog post (and my new hair style) remind me of the courage that I need in order to do great things for God and others. 


 Psalm 3:5-6

I lie down and asleep!

I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. 

I will not fear though tens of thousands 

Assail me on every side. 

Stay posi,