Thoughts: Lost things


I was browsing my phone gallery when I stumbled upon this old photo collage taken in Hokkaido. It was on the same trip where I took the farm picture in my previous post. We came back in the hotel room to have some rest before dinner but my mind is still wandering. Where did I drop the other pair of my gloves? Did it fell on the streets? Did it fell because I took it off while taking photographs? Was I careless? 

Sometimes we lose things unknowingly. Sometimes we lose things carelessly. Either way I guess there’s always the guilty feeling of not taking good care of our belongings. I would often be angry with myself whenever I lose important stuff because of forgetfulness. Thankfully I am always able to find them inside my bag, underneath my bed or around the house. This time, it wasn’t found. It was lost somewhere in Hokkaido.

At the end of the day, I just laughed it off because I realized I was worrying over this small thing. I realized that I was angry because losing a thing is beyond my control and I could not do anything about it. I realized I was sad because I depend on it to keep my hands warm.

Friends, let us not worry about lost things. Possessions do not define us. They do not give us life. We ought to use them for enjoyment or work but we cannot depend on them solely. We need to depend on God because unlike lost things, he will always be there for us no matter what.

Stay inspired,


Words on Wednesdays: Say no


After reading this book, I realized how entitled I am. Our parents, being baby boomers, really worked hard almost all their lives. They are used to working almost 24 hours. They cannot live without work. Our generation is more prone to self-entitlement. Everything is accessible in an instant. We want results now. We want to have life outside work. We are dissatisfied easily. At least that is in my opinion. What do you think?

I have to remind myself especially in the area of work that I need to do my best because it is not just me who’s in the line. As a believer of Jesus Christ, I ought to follow His example.

Dr. Townsend described two kinds of pain–success pain and symptom pain. Success pain is experienced when we push ourselves beyond our limits. For example, we do five more pilates stands despite the ache that we are feeling or keep on writing despite the rejections that we faced after we submitted articles to a news company. On the other hand, symptom pain is experienced as a result of mediocrity. For example, we notice that our work isn’t good enough. We feel that discomfort and yet we did not act on it.

As much as I want to feel more success pain, I can relate to the symptom pain more. Let’s not forget that we are here to excel and give our best. Let’s not forget to do hard things now rather than regret later.

stay motivated,


Thoughts on Tuesdays: Entertainment addiction

Why are people addicted to entertainment?

This generation is so hooked to social media. Lately I’ve been seeing two of my sisters watch youtube almost all the time. Lately, I also started to watch a couple of vloggers. I must say it is indeed addicting. I also noticed some shift of bloggers to vloggers. They were creating more video content than written content. I want to try that also in the future. What do you think?
Why are we prone to entertainment addiction? I think it’s because we think we can forget our present world for the mean time. We want to unwind after a day’s work. We want to be in the other person’s world. We want to tap into our emotions. We want to have fun for a moment.
But are we actually resting? I don’t think so. I feel like my eyes really hurt after watching several videos. And it does not apply just in youtube. It also applies in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. For me, my favorite app would be pinterest. It gives me ideas and is a good platform for sharing really awesome photos but sometimes it turns into addiction. I make it as an excuse to postpone what I actually ought to do like read a book, plan a meal or do a business plan. I always catch myself falling into these traps.
Sometimes the comfort entertainment gives allow us to forget that we ought to do something more important. I feel guilty of this too. Be careful friends. Let’s reach our full potential by doing the hard things now.
Stay inspired,

Thoughts on Tuesdays: Reflections on Toruk

A couple of weeks back, I got the chance to see Toruk:The First Flight held in Mall of Asia together with my relatives. It was one of those Cirque de Soleil tours where actors do different stunts as the story goes. I expected it to be more lively but it turned out to be more dramatic.

The story was about the village of Pandora and the two brothers who had a long journey to get articles from the sub-villages. These articles would then be used to save Pandora from the foreseen disaster.

As always, I try to get life lessons from anything. Here are my realizations while watching the show:

  • Creativity comes in different forms. In order to make the show, there were orators, dancers, singers, prop makers, make up artists and directors. Each one has been given a different talent essential to make the show outstanding.


Balancing Act. The beam looks sturdy!

  • Technology helped a lot in the props making. Instead of using three dimensional props to recreate a scene taken from the sea, the directors used audio visual projectors instead.


  • The dancers took time to train really well. It takes a certain amount of time to master the moves especially for the people who did aerial stunts. I applaud them! I was inspired to practice yoga and pilates to gain more flexibility.


Here are the other photos that I took during the show:


Stay inspired,


Thoughts on Tuesdays: Financial Goals and Strategies

nasugbu waves

Have you ever sat down and thought of your long term plans? I did several times. But every time I do it, I never seem to have a final and definite plan. It is a bit blury and vague until now like the sea of waves I encountered while snorkeling! I end up researching how-to tips in Marvin Germo’s site and other books and blogs that I stumble upon. How I wish there is a definite goal plan that we ought to take but there’s none. Right now I still have to decide an investment strategy that will work for me. Do you have an investment strategy? How do you manage your finances? what are your financial goals?

As we decide what to invest on, we need to be reminded that we ought to be good stewards of what God has given us. After all, everything belongs to him. In the end, we will not carry a single thing on the day that we die.

Whatever we are going through, God has got his hands on us. We need not worry.

Stay posi,