Field trip: Mount Iriga

In preparation for my hike, my dad initiated to go with me for some drills. He wants me to be well prepared by trying to walk off road. Sharing with you the pictures that I took as I rediscovered this place in Iriga City, Camarines Sur.

We parked beside this canal. The clear blue sky is well reflected in the body of water.

Some carabaos were being fed.

Fern and the abundance of fresh green leaves! They are not edible though.

My dad exploring a portion of the trail. This is not off road!

The view on top of the 200 plus steps on Inorogan.

Bamboo trees

A carabao on its way to the field

More leaves!

A goat tied to the trunk of the tree. I wonder what they do with this.

Me and my shadow!

I hope you enjoyed this snippet from my field trip.


In the Kitchen: Bento boxes (part 1)

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I like home cooked meals. I bring packed lunch and snacks so that I won’t have to worry that I’ll go hungry while working. Also, I always have a hard time choosing what food I would like to eat so bringing food conserves my mental energy. And these home cooked meals cost less and are more healthy.

Here are some ideas that you can add for your lunch boxes.

SautΓ©ed mixed vegetables + fish + rice + dessert

Teaz forgot to include rice!

Boneless bangus with teriyaki sauce + laing (Bicol delicacy) + brown rice

Shrimp + french beans + rice

Shrimp with parsley + cabbage + rice

Fried chicken breast + broccoli + rice

I transferred my food on the plate because we ate at a cafeteria.

What are your go-to meals?


Musings: types + graphics (S&R edition)

When we visit S&R I usually look at the packaging of the imported items because I find them fascinating. In my recent trip to the grocery warehouse, here are some types + graphics that I like.

French biscuits

Close up photo. I love the drawings!

Pepero yogurt flavor. Cute drawing and font!

Bai bubbles. Fresh look.

Whole peeled tomatoes in cans!

Close up photo.

I will be posting some other interesting products in a separate post.


Field trip: Apartment finds

How are you at home being away from home? In my previous posts, I shared that sometimes I go to my cousin’s place.

The first night I was not used to the place so I wasn’t able to sleep peacefully but I prayed to the Lord to grant me rest and He did! I stayed there for a couple of days.

Being in a new place gives me inspiration. I really appreciate those tiny details that are new and beautiful.

Here are some of my outtakes from my stay.

Morning mist. Overlooking the street.

I love how the mist gives a slight frosted effect.

Red pipes!

An old but still working machine.

The caretaker’s place at the rooftop.

Plants all over!

Farm to table staples

Succulent by the porch

What is your recent adventure?

Try to look at the things you see daily differently!


Fresh market trips: Cartimar Center

The good thing about living in a tightly knit neighborhood is that you can get tips from other people where to buy stuff. Teaz asked other house helps where we can buy more varieties of meat, fish, seafood and vegetables. Ate Elsie suggested we try to go to Cartimar.

You can go there via LRT station. Get off at LRT Gil Puyat and take a jeepney going to Baclaran. You may also opt to walk. There are also parking spaces if you want to bring your car.

I was surprised that there are a lot of stalls. There’s even a Savemore branch. There are also a lot of pets for sale!

A lot of Chinese, Japanese and Koreans visit the place because of imported items from China, Japan and Korea. My aunt told me that this place was really well known for its imported products before.

I haven’t tried this store’s taho but it looks delicious!

This cart full of fried tofu ready to be packed!

Packing in little plastic wrappers

Korean cooked white rice. Asian staple made simple!

Peanuts and rice crackers from a japanese store!

This flakes are added to a japanese dish for toppings.

Japanese rice for sushi!

Dainty bowl designs

Leaves for plating a japanese dish

When you reach the farthest store and have crossed the street, you will see a wet market.

I was surprised to see this big fish. When I asked what type of fish this is, they said this is tuna ready to be cut in portions.


Button mushrooms

Clams with very ornamental shells



We also source our taro root crops here.

Lotus roots used in chinese dishes. You can also find sesame leaves and red cabbage. I think these are imported from China.

I don’t know what these are but I think it is also imported from China.

Water bamboo shoot

root crops

When you visit Cartimar, you should be there around 6-7 am because the vegetables and other fresh finds ran out that quick! Also, be sure to use your haggling skills. Don’t forget to ask other sellers as well.

I hope you’ll enjoy your wet markets trips and find delight in fresh finds!


Field trip: Ayala Malls

My aunts love to shop. There hasn’t been a single out of town trip without dropping by a shop or a nearby mall. I cannot blame them for such attitude. I believe throughout their childhood years they were deprived by all these experiences. Now that they are already in their senior years, they want to enjoy strolling.

As I’ve said in my earlier posts, I am becoming more intentional with regards to my mall trips. I believe that it is both a waste of time and money if I spend the rest of the day inside the mall feeding my flesh.

Anyhow, I still managed to enjoy my time by taking pictures of the things that I fancied for inspiration.

Penelope Pop’s art painted on the wall.

Loving this quote from a canvas bag inside National Bookstore.

These rescued papers are adorable! These are from India and other parts of the Middle East.

Minimalist book essential.

My sister would love this!

Native/ leaves combo

Nice hat!

Every store is joining the organic movement.

This 3D model is rocking the place

Basic sandals in white

Papemelroti purses

Do you plan your trips?


Musings: Pio Market

I find it amusing to take random photos. I like to look at everything in (lens) frames! I want to share with you some pictures that I took while I visited Pio del Pilar market with Teaz.

These cats look adorable! The white feline caught my attention the most!

It was a very good day. Clear blue skies are showing up.

I didn’t know that it is customary to hang shoes when there are dead people. It was my first time seeing this.

Tangled wires and a lamp post!

Fish for sale!

Potatoes in different sizes!

What do you love most about your local market?