In the kitchen: desserts I’m lovin’

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Today I’m going to share some desserts that I’m lovin’ as of the moment.

Heidi dark chocolate with pistachios. We actually stored this bar for quite some time now. It’s amazing how my sisters forgot some food when they are stored in the cupboard. Before, we had a bad habit of storing food beside the dining table so food was easily accessible.

This cute cookie bear from Dara.

Saba con yelo from Kanin club. I like the coconut jellies and the saba in this cup.

Yellow kiwi. I’m not sure why it ended up in our fridge. Most of the time, Teaz buys the green one because it’s sweeter. I guess it landed here for a change. We need to alter our diet and habits once in a while.

What’s your favorite desserts so far?

Stay inspired,



Happy monday + updates 10.9.17

Hi all! How was your week end? What interesting things did you do?

For me it was spending time with my aunts. It was a bit exhausting knowing that they love shopping. Although that is the case, being with them allowed me to get to know them–their current stories, joys, hurts and frustrations.

A family shopping at S&R.

Zests! I will be posting my top S&R picks separately. I love to see new packaging!

Our youngest sister was extremely talkative this week. She had the initiative to call and have a chat with me! Sometimes this girl makes pleasant surprises! She even showed me her work from Color Touch app.

I also attended an Ikebana exhibit with co-mentees. Our mentor Auntie Vangie did some for the exhibit. This particular piece is made out of chopsticks.

What I love about the Ikebana style of flower arranging is that it is both simple and elegant. They have a motto that you can arrange flowers any time and made out of anything.

Back to this street again with my aunt. She’s still so energetic! One time she’s even faster than me even at age 70.

Our former househelp came along with my aunt. She’s spoiling us with pasalubongs from Laguna! She knows I like their home made ube!

I was also able to finish reading Brave Enough by Nicole Unice. It was a really good book.

May we find the courage to do the hard things this week. Having the courage means saying yes to Jesus. It could mean praying for other people who have hurt you or going an extra mile to win a friend.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Field trip: Ayala Triangle

The past fee weeks I frequent in Ayala Triangle park since Legaspi park is closed for renovation. Also, my cousin Kn needs a volleyball enrichment class with my sister.

I’m loving the green scenery! I wish I brought a picnic blanket!

I noticed that the branches were chopped. Maybe it’s time to groom them. Because of this, I am reminded that even trees need to be cut and “broken” so that they will grow better. In the same way, God prunes us in such a manner that we will grow more in love with Him.

Care free bags.

Kn and Khelly doing some drills while I’m half reading a book and looking at them so that I won’t get


Ball fascination. I tried to defeat my cousin so that we’ll both strive to do better. Confession– I suck in sports especially sports that has to do with balls!

It is such a joy to look up and see the sky and trees! How amazing! I love this view!

It was getting dark when Dara followed. I didn’t know she brought her dog with her. Her name is Eli. Surprisingly I wasn’t that afraid of her. I didn’t panic as usual. I guess it’s an improvement for me. I think God allowed this to happen so that I can overcome my fear of dogs.

Eli and six pack (another dog strolling in the park). Their colors complement each other!

Eli sniffing trees. I guess she also likes nature just as Dara does!

Loving the autumn look of the dried leaves. We just had to stop for a while to snap this photo.

Loving this silhouette when the sun was about to set.

I hope you had a great week! What are you going to do this week end? I hope you can stroll in a park!

Stay inspired,


Fresh finds: Durian fruit

As mentioned in my previous post, the past week was my first time to eat Durian. I don’t know why it took me this long to taste this fruit.

We bought it from a street vendor for around P160. I think it’s not bad considering we asked around the fresh market and got an offer for around P300!

Here are some of the fruits the vendor was selling.

The durian solo shot. It looks like a porcupine/jackfruit/rambutan mixed altogether. It is amazing how this fruit can prick anyone with its spikes.

After waiting for two days it was time for me to cut it. I asked the help of Teaz. I had a hard time opening since I could not hold on to the spiky shell.

Durian cut open. To be honest, I live its smell. It also looks like jackfruit.

Close up version. I think one of the reasons why we had a hard time opening the fruit is that we cut the shell in a wrong manner.

If you’re buying Durian anytime soon, you might want to check if there are cracks beneath. It is so much easier to open. Also, the fruit must be golden. When we bought the fruit it was still green. You might want to check this video to know more about it.

This is me looking crazy because my sister was making fun of me. At first, I didn’t like its taste. I also felt hot after eating around 4 small portions of it.

My dad checked on the net and saw a post about this fruit. It says Durian is an energy booster. It can also easily add up to you daily calorie count. The next few days I eat only one portion a day.

If you have ever tasted Durian let me know what you think about this fruit. If you haven’t, I hope you can try it soon! It is Durian season in the Philippines so I see a lot of them now.

Stay inspired,


Happy Monday + updates

Hi everyone! How’s your day going so far? The past week I tried eating Durian the first time! My sister was totally against it because she didn’t like the taste. I waited for two days for it to ripen and searched on youtube how you can actually cut the fruit.

It was spike-y but I like the smell of it. I miss the durian candy that I tasted before. It’s brand is Apo ni lola but I don’t see it in the supermarket.

I also invited some friends over for a movie entitled Do you Believe? I cannot believe that one of them cried a lot!

I prepared something light. It is an improvised cheese platter with a filipino twist (rambotan instead of grapes).

I have also browsed a couple of magazines from my friend Dara.

I loved the idea of this place! It looks so fresh!

It was also rainy for a few days and dela Rosa became flooded. Thank God the next day it was already sunny!

I also tried doing self portraits.

Have a good week ahead!

Stay inspired,


In the kitchen: Why cook at home?

Healthy but pricey hot pot and shrewd cabbage in Saboten, Glorietta
Pancakes + tocino breakfast buffet at Mt. Makiling Recreation Center

I love home cooked meals over food served in restaurants because I know the ingredients are fresh and I have full control in terms of serving size. The downside is that we tend to stick to the usual menu. I really struggle in creating a meal plan that is why I usually give this task to our househelp. I also bring food in my workplace in order to skip the stress of thinking about what to eat.

eggs + veggies
more ingredients

I have nothing against eating a dish a couple of times in a week (but prepared individually of course). It’s just that after making the decision of trying to eat clean made me realize that I have not tried adding a couple of fresh ingredients in our cooking list. This includes the use of herbs, powders, other vegetables like red cabbage, sesame leaves and rocket, root crops such as lotus and taro, brown, black and red rice and a lot more. Also, I wanted to add variety in our meals partly because my other sister is a bit choosy. Having to try new recipes together can create a positive environment for her to learn eating new stuff.

This decision prodded me to be more active in buying the ingredients in the wet market again. I used to go with our househelp but because I don’t want to over commit my Saturday mornings so I decided to forego wet market visits. After noticing that the food served is being mechanical, I stepped in hoping to change this habit for the better.

I must say that I am always a fresh market enthusiast not just for the sake of making sure that what we are eating is of good quality but also because it gives me a happy feeling. Looking at those live crabs, clams, fresh green leaves make me feel more alive. I just feel so good! I hope you can try going to the wet market as well.

I will be sharing the different wet markets I’ve gone to in the succeeding posts.

Stay healthy and inspired,





Monday Musings: Being in the Rain

floating like a queen

Hi there! Have you ever danced in the rain? Or even played in the rain? I wasn’t able to and I dare not. I don’t know how it feels because my mom won’t allow us. She said we will catch colds and get sick. I only know it based on movies like when Gabriella and Troy sang “Can I have this dance?” in High School Musical 3. My closest experience was when I traveled with my friends in Sorsogon during the rainy season. Can you spot the rain drops?

floating like a queen
me floating in the island of Sorsogon, Philippines

I also love to capture moments before the rain starts pouring. It has a drama effect that cannot be obtained when we take photographs of a normal rainy day scene. The picture below was taken when my relatives toured us in the newly built Shangri-la at the Fort. I’m not sure why the leaves have wilted.

When it was about to rain in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Philippines

I was fancying the table and the chair when the rain was about to pour. I took this picture in haste because I’m afraid I’ll get wet. The calmness of the table and the green grass bring offset the dark background of the clouds above. I can even split the photos in half and you won’t notice that they are one of the same.

While at a farm in Hokkaido running in haste

The same scenario happened when I went to Melbourne with my family. It was a very sad picture. It is as if I ran from the castle where the evil witch is.

Walking briskly to a covered area in Melbourne, Australia

Despite the sadness the dark clouds bring, I believe that it is beautiful.

Touring Nikka Whiskey Factory in Hokkaido

I hope we can all dance in the rain literally and figuratively–with or without an umbrella alongside. I love this picture of us inside the factory compound of Nikka Whiskey. We were able to bring green umbrellas inside–japanese style. I took this groupie using the mirror for cars. Can you spot me?

This post is the last of the rainy day series. I hope you enjoyed browsing the photos! For those who weren’t able to view my previous posts I shared about the rainy days in dela rosa here, about my fascination in rain drops here and extreme rains here.

Stay inspired,