Field trip: Dapitan Market

Last September, I visited the Dapitan Market along Dapitan Street, Manila. I didn’t know it was that close to Suki Market where one of my uncles buy fresh food. My dad asked us to visit Suki before to buy fresh ingredients that were not usually sold in Pio market.

I accompanied Kn’s househelp in order to add variety to their meals. Kn stays near that area for schooling.

Christmas decors were already put up! In the Philippines you might thought it’s already December in September.

Some decors hanging on the ceiling over looking the street.

We went there around 9 in the morning so there were only few cars passing by.

I fancied this basket. I like its color and style. When we asked where it came from, the vendor told us it’s from my home town! I wonder where I could find it.

Another weaved bag in a different shape. They used abaca here. The other bag is dyed.

Some doorpost planks for decor. I would love to post one of these to my wall!

More decors and weaved baskets at a cheap price. There were also some catering essentials like plates, glasses, spoons and forks.

Wood chopping boards!

These straws can be used to create other crafts. I would like to use them in my future projects!

Although I didn’t buy anything from the market, now I know where to find these stuff when I need them.

What are your current discoveries so far? Feel free to comment them below.

Stay inspired,



Musings: Rainy & dark days

The past few months we experience rain here and there. I always like to take the opportunity to capture moments including these. In this series I want to share the pictures that I took.

Teaz brushing her teeth before preparing to bed

This yellow crane brightens the dark atmosphere in dela Rosa.

Bathroom backlight

Kn waiting for dad to unlock the bike

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In the kitchen: home cooked meals (Part 2)

Hi all! How’s your week? Recently I posted some dishes that Teaz cooked as a form of documentation. Here are some simple dishes that I would love to bring to my parent’s menu.

Meatballs in a clear soup. We mixed pork & carrots and added some onion chives.

Tortang talong with mushrooms!

Fried & boneless fish with sweet chili dip

Salted egg with sliced tomatoes

Home made lumpiang shanghai and scrambled egg with spinach & mushrooms

What are you favorite meals? Please share some recipes!

Stay inspired,


Takeaways: flat lays

Recently I have been reading crafty and creative blogs like A Beautiful Mess and Nubby Twiglet. Both blogs exemplified beautiful flat lays.

I also love doing flat lays and documenting things that are on my desk. Their blogs challenged me to make them better. Here are some flat lay photos that I took during the previous weeks.

Fresh tangerine and kindle

In this photo, I used an iPhone filter called Chrome. It doesn’t do much in the photo aside from brightening it up a bit.

I learned that brightening up images can make the quality better. Try it!

Antacid medicine from my aunt

Another tip: go near the window and only use one lighting source.

In this photo you can see the shadows on the left. I used a lighting source from the right.

Caring for my eyes. Recent purchases from the drug store. What is your eye regimen? It is actually my first time to try Olay eyes. Have you tried it before?

In this photo I used my sister’s blanket as background. You can use solid colors depending on the color of the objects you are going to place. Usually I use white or brown since both colors are more neutral and flexible. Sometimes, I use placemats, blankets or shirts. Be creative! It doesn’t need to be conventional!

My desk while having some snacks.

In this photo, I angled my phone in such a way that the objects are not a hundred percent covered.

Tip: You can play with the angles until you get the perfect shot!

I will be sharing separately for the flat lays I did for food in the following posts.

Stay inspired,


In the kitchen: desserts I’m lovin’

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. Today I’m going to share some desserts that I’m lovin’ as of the moment.

Heidi dark chocolate with pistachios. We actually stored this bar for quite some time now. It’s amazing how my sisters forgot some food when they are stored in the cupboard. Before, we had a bad habit of storing food beside the dining table so food was easily accessible.

This cute cookie bear from Dara.

Saba con yelo from Kanin club. I like the coconut jellies and the saba in this cup.

Yellow kiwi. I’m not sure why it ended up in our fridge. Most of the time, Teaz buys the green one because it’s sweeter. I guess it landed here for a change. We need to alter our diet and habits once in a while.

What’s your favorite desserts so far?

Stay inspired,


Happy monday + updates 10.9.17

Hi all! How was your week end? What interesting things did you do?

For me it was spending time with my aunts. It was a bit exhausting knowing that they love shopping. Although that is the case, being with them allowed me to get to know them–their current stories, joys, hurts and frustrations.

A family shopping at S&R.

Zests! I will be posting my top S&R picks separately. I love to see new packaging!

Our youngest sister was extremely talkative this week. She had the initiative to call and have a chat with me! Sometimes this girl makes pleasant surprises! She even showed me her work from Color Touch app.

I also attended an Ikebana exhibit with co-mentees. Our mentor Auntie Vangie did some for the exhibit. This particular piece is made out of chopsticks.

What I love about the Ikebana style of flower arranging is that it is both simple and elegant. They have a motto that you can arrange flowers any time and made out of anything.

Back to this street again with my aunt. She’s still so energetic! One time she’s even faster than me even at age 70.

Our former househelp came along with my aunt. She’s spoiling us with pasalubongs from Laguna! She knows I like their home made ube!

I was also able to finish reading Brave Enough by Nicole Unice. It was a really good book.

May we find the courage to do the hard things this week. Having the courage means saying yes to Jesus. It could mean praying for other people who have hurt you or going an extra mile to win a friend.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Field trip: Ayala Triangle

The past fee weeks I frequent in Ayala Triangle park since Legaspi park is closed for renovation. Also, my cousin Kn needs a volleyball enrichment class with my sister.

I’m loving the green scenery! I wish I brought a picnic blanket!

I noticed that the branches were chopped. Maybe it’s time to groom them. Because of this, I am reminded that even trees need to be cut and “broken” so that they will grow better. In the same way, God prunes us in such a manner that we will grow more in love with Him.

Care free bags.

Kn and Khelly doing some drills while I’m half reading a book and looking at them so that I won’t get


Ball fascination. I tried to defeat my cousin so that we’ll both strive to do better. Confession– I suck in sports especially sports that has to do with balls!

It is such a joy to look up and see the sky and trees! How amazing! I love this view!

It was getting dark when Dara followed. I didn’t know she brought her dog with her. Her name is Eli. Surprisingly I wasn’t that afraid of her. I didn’t panic as usual. I guess it’s an improvement for me. I think God allowed this to happen so that I can overcome my fear of dogs.

Eli and six pack (another dog strolling in the park). Their colors complement each other!

Eli sniffing trees. I guess she also likes nature just as Dara does!

Loving the autumn look of the dried leaves. We just had to stop for a while to snap this photo.

Loving this silhouette when the sun was about to set.

I hope you had a great week! What are you going to do this week end? I hope you can stroll in a park!

Stay inspired,