Field trip: Ayala Triangle

The past fee weeks I frequent in Ayala Triangle park since Legaspi park is closed for renovation. Also, my cousin Kn needs a volleyball enrichment class with my sister.

I’m loving the green scenery! I wish I brought a picnic blanket!

I noticed that the branches were chopped. Maybe it’s time to groom them. Because of this, I am reminded that even trees need to be cut and “broken” so that they will grow better. In the same way, God prunes us in such a manner that we will grow more in love with Him.

Care free bags.

Kn and Khelly doing some drills while I’m half reading a book and looking at them so that I won’t get


Ball fascination. I tried to defeat my cousin so that we’ll both strive to do better. Confession– I suck in sports especially sports that has to do with balls!

It is such a joy to look up and see the sky and trees! How amazing! I love this view!

It was getting dark when Dara followed. I didn’t know she brought her dog with her. Her name is Eli. Surprisingly I wasn’t that afraid of her. I didn’t panic as usual. I guess it’s an improvement for me. I think God allowed this to happen so that I can overcome my fear of dogs.

Eli and six pack (another dog strolling in the park). Their colors complement each other!

Eli sniffing trees. I guess she also likes nature just as Dara does!

Loving the autumn look of the dried leaves. We just had to stop for a while to snap this photo.

Loving this silhouette when the sun was about to set.

I hope you had a great week! What are you going to do this week end? I hope you can stroll in a park!

Stay inspired,



Fresh finds: Durian fruit

As mentioned in my previous post, the past week was my first time to eat Durian. I don’t know why it took me this long to taste this fruit.

We bought it from a street vendor for around P160. I think it’s not bad considering we asked around the fresh market and got an offer for around P300!

Here are some of the fruits the vendor was selling.

The durian solo shot. It looks like a porcupine/jackfruit/rambutan mixed altogether. It is amazing how this fruit can prick anyone with its spikes.

After waiting for two days it was time for me to cut it. I asked the help of Teaz. I had a hard time opening since I could not hold on to the spiky shell.

Durian cut open. To be honest, I live its smell. It also looks like jackfruit.

Close up version. I think one of the reasons why we had a hard time opening the fruit is that we cut the shell in a wrong manner.

If you’re buying Durian anytime soon, you might want to check if there are cracks beneath. It is so much easier to open. Also, the fruit must be golden. When we bought the fruit it was still green. You might want to check this video to know more about it.

This is me looking crazy because my sister was making fun of me. At first, I didn’t like its taste. I also felt hot after eating around 4 small portions of it.

My dad checked on the net and saw a post about this fruit. It says Durian is an energy booster. It can also easily add up to you daily calorie count. The next few days I eat only one portion a day.

If you have ever tasted Durian let me know what you think about this fruit. If you haven’t, I hope you can try it soon! It is Durian season in the Philippines so I see a lot of them now.

Stay inspired,


Field Trip: Paradise Dynasty

Last week I met up with my uncle who came all the way from Bicol. He was here in Manila in preparation for kn’s schooling together with my aunt mentioned in my previous post. We decided to meet up in the newly constructed mall beside Conrad Hotel in SM Mall of Asia.

I suggested that we try Paradise Dynasty. It is located in S Maison Mall and specializes in xiao long bao (XLB). The XLB basket looks pretty interesting. It comes with different flavors that should be eaten in proper order–original, ginseng, foie grass, black truffle, cheese, crab roe, garlic and szechuan. The waiter gave us a sheet of paper as a guide but in order not to be confused, you just have to eat starting from the middle clockwise. We are asked to eat in that order because the XLBs are also arranged from mild to strong flavor.


I created this cartoon of xiao long bao basket in Clip 2 Comic app.


When I entered in the restaurant, it is as if I am in Hong Kong. There were lanterns every where. I also like the interior design. However the space is a bit limited. We were also given a service tea upon entering. I like the little dimsum hanging at the tip of the tea cup.


We ordered lotus buns, sweet and sour pork, wanton noodle soup, grilled shrimp, pork wraps and yang chow rice.


Here is a colorful collage that I made with a whoopie pie taken from the photo shoot I did for my friend’s school thesis. I also wore the polka dots long sleeves for work.

Happy week end!

Stay posi,


Food Trip: Desgo Hotpot

My aunt loves chinese food as if she’s not eating the same cuisine almost every day. During their visit to our place,  she suggested we try the seafood restaurant she saw while passing by the street. Our driver wasn’t around that day since my aunt just came back from Hong Kong. We walked to the restaurant despite the drizzles.

I thought it was located in the newly built condo. To her dismay, my aunt wasn’t talking about the restaurant I thought she was. She looked around but didn’t find the one she’s eyeing for. So between Desgo and Firewood kitchen, we chose the former because the interiors look super cute. And we thought other people are also dining. They end up to be the owners having their dinner as well. We came past 8 pm since I came home from the office later than usual and we have to back to get umbrellas.


It looks like a bird’s nest.  I personally thought that the design of the restaurant is totally unrelated to it being a hotpot spot but it looks interesting and unique.


I honestly had fun in this restaurant. Given that it is only operating around four days, I would say that the staff are not yet well trained. However they are very friendly and very accommodating. The owner is also very hands on. He even prepared the dips for the meat since we do not know how. I am not a fan of dips so I cared less even though there were big portions served. Plain boiled food is still the best! Why is the kalamansi called green orange though?

7.jpgKn, my cousin, posed in one of the bird cage like tables. She’s also visiting us.


After sitting in one of the tables, we were given a paper and pencil. We circled items that we wanted to eat and be included in the hotpot. We chose the seafood style as the soup base.

10.jpgThe basin is big enough for sharing plus the soup is refillable. There are also dried ingredients that are essential for chinese cooking however I don’t know what their names. If you know kindly comment below. I would love to check them out! There are also two sticks of onion chives for flavoring. We already dropped the corn that we ordered before taking pictures of the food.

11.jpgWe ordered the pork meat, spinach, corn, seafood balls, yam (taro), and tofu however as a freebie the owner allowed us to try the wagyu beef. I suggest you take the pork instead because the beef is so fatty. My job was to remove the fats from the soup.


The rice cake that the owner gave as freebie. It somehow tastes like biko (rice pudding Philippine style) however there is some unique taste probably due to inclusion of beans in the ingredients.


Our group photo while eating. The staff gladly volunteered to take one. Here’s to more laughs and talks over dinner.


Have fun,


Field Trip: UP Diliman

One week after the UP graduation, I decided to visit the campus for the first time since I will attend an event nearby. I would say it was not the best time to take pictures of the sunflowers since most of them are already wilting. However, those located near the guard house still look fresh.

It took us almost two hours of commute from Makati but it was not that hassle given the lighter traffic on a Saturday. It is also a plus since I get to spend time with my sister after a busy work week.

Here are some photographs that I took during the campus tour.

blue sky
Gloomy weather
stain glass
Stained Glass art at Bahay ng Alumni
wild flower
Two Toned wild flower
Sunflowers and a bee

Stay posi,