Takeaways: The Art of Tidying (Part 1)

One Sunday afternoon I was lying on my parent’s bed/guest room bed/yellow room bed (because they aren’t usually around). I was staring at the wall in front of me. It was completely different from the wall it used to be. It was messy and lots of random stuff were placed without order. I was contemplating on the sermon I heard that morning but I just could not think properly because the view is obstructive.

This view prompted me to check out Marie Kondo’s The life-changing magic of tidying up book. I heard it from my aunt and saw her place completely different from before. It was spacious and clean and so calming.

Seven years ago it was just a wall. Occasionally we put something on top of it when my relatives are around but it was usually bare. I’d like to sit on top of it or stretch or take photos or study. I would then imagine that I’m sitting beside the window while reading a book on a rainy day. Just writing this post make me reminisce those care free days.

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Photo taken from the web

You may ask, why did we end up having these dividers? My mom was worried that we’d lack storage space because my sister was moving in the condo. We will be three by then and she might not have enough space to keep her stuff (Having enough ‘space’ is always a condo problem). But we ended up splitting the storage space because she doesn’t have much stuff to store. Or maybe I suggested we divide it to accommodate our stuff. Okay honestly I forgot what really happened.

I got the top most shelf by default because of our height order. Even then it is still a struggle to completely keep everything within reach. I would usually place random stuff on top of the other. After several months of doing this (or even years), I could not bear to look at the shelf. It was a disaster.

I asked myself, what happened to the space that I enjoyed before? How did I accumulate all this stuff? How can I declutter?Β 

These questions led me to Marie Kondo’s book and a series of decluttering not just in this space but to the rest of my stuff and the common stuff in the unit.

I will be sharing my decluttering journey as well as reflections while reading the book in my succeeding posts.

Stay inspired,








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