Words: Superman

I’m not really a fan of superman but recently I looked up songs related to superman on Spotify after I helped my friend did a food photo shoot. We went to My Cookie Lab in Quezon City to take pictures of the whoopie pie variants and crinkles. There was one variant named after superman because of its colors as shown below.

Image result for superman crinkles my cookie lab
Superman Crinkles (photo from My Cookie Lab site)

I think it is the most intriguing cookie crinkle I’ve seen among the various cookies displayed so when my friend asked me which cookie crinkle I would like to take home, I decided to give it a try. After a while, I wanted to get the oatmeal cookie because it is less sweet than the superman variant. My friend insisted.

I was in LSS mode almost the entire week after the shoot with the song One Call Away by Charlie Puth. I don’t normally listen to random songs but thanks to Spotify, any song is within reach. Of course there’s a downside because not all songs are good in a sense that they mean well. I always try to check the lyrics first then save in my playlist before I listen to it fully.

I doodled some striking words while listening to the song using the Paper app on my iPhone.


Don't be scared
Hold on and…

Save the day

Stay inspired,



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