Monday Musings: Being in the Rain

Hi there! Have you ever danced in the rain? Or even played in the rain? I wasn’t able to and I dare not. I don’t know how it feels because my mom won’t allow us. She said we will catch colds and get sick. I only know it based on movies like when Gabriella and Troy sang “Can I have this dance?” in High School Musical 3. My closest experience was when I traveled with my friends in Sorsogon during the rainy season. Can you spot the rain drops?

floating like a queen
me floating in the island of Sorsogon, Philippines

I also love to capture moments before the rain starts pouring. It has a drama effect that cannot be obtained when we take photographs of a normal rainy day scene. The picture below was taken when my relatives toured us in the newly built Shangri-la at the Fort. I’m not sure why the leaves have wilted.

When it was about to rain in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Philippines

I was fancying the table and the chair when the rain was about to pour. I took this picture in haste because I’m afraid I’ll get wet. The calmness of the table and the green grass bring offset the dark background of the clouds above. I can even split the photos in half and you won’t notice that they are one of the same.

While at a farm in Hokkaido running in haste

The same scenario happened when I went to Melbourne with my family. It was a very sad picture. It is as if I ran from the castle where the evil witch is.

Walking briskly to a covered area in Melbourne, Australia

Despite the sadness the dark clouds bring, I believe that it is beautiful.

Touring Nikka Whiskey Factory in Hokkaido

I hope we can all dance in the rain literally and figuratively–with or without an umbrella alongside. I love this picture of us inside the factory compound of Nikka Whiskey. We were able to bring green umbrellas inside–japanese style. I took this groupie using the mirror for cars. Can you spot me?

This post is the last of the rainy day series. I hope you enjoyed browsing the photos! For those who weren’t able to view my previous posts I shared about the rainy days in dela rosa here, about my fascination in rain drops here and extreme rains here.

Stay inspired,



2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Being in the Rain

  1. hi Jannel ,Im was so inspired after reading those blog of your’s.So proud of you.Continue to be a light and salt thru blogging:)Love you Jannelski!!!


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