Thoughts on Tuesdays: Entertainment addiction

Why are people addicted to entertainment?

This generation is so hooked to social media. Lately I’ve been seeing two of my sisters watch youtube almost all the time. Lately, I also started to watch a couple of vloggers. I must say it is indeed addicting. I also noticed some shift of bloggers to vloggers. They were creating more video content than written content. I want to try that also in the future. What do you think?
Why are we prone to entertainment addiction? I think it’s because we think we can forget our present world for the mean time. We want to unwind after a day’s work. We want to be in the other person’s world. We want to tap into our emotions. We want to have fun for a moment.
But are we actually resting? I don’t think so. I feel like my eyes really hurt after watching several videos. And it does not apply just in youtube. It also applies in social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest etc. For me, my favorite app would be pinterest. It gives me ideas and is a good platform for sharing really awesome photos but sometimes it turns into addiction. I make it as an excuse to postpone what I actually ought to do like read a book, plan a meal or do a business plan. I always catch myself falling into these traps.
Sometimes the comfort entertainment gives allow us to forget that we ought to do something more important. I feel guilty of this too. Be careful friends. Let’s reach our full potential by doing the hard things now.
Stay inspired,

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