Monday Musings: Raindrops

Last week the rain was on and off. I just wanted to stay at home because I feel so lazy but there’s work and there’s a shared responsibility on the tasks that needed to be done in the office. I had to book an uber to and from Rockwell Center since it is a bit far from my place.

On the way home, I was rushing because I can see the dark clouds forming. Good thing I was able to reach a covered area before the rain started to pour really hard. While stuck in heavy traffic, I was reading Real Artists Don’t Starve by Jeff Goins on my phone. It was given to me by my best friend because she knows I love business and self help books. One thing that I miss out while walking is the stillness commute life gives. I get to reflect on the things that are going on and just look at the surroundings outside. I also ask the driver random questions (trying to learn everything that I can given that short span of time. Yes we can learn from anyone).

Towards the end of the trip, I noticed the lamp and the rain drops on the side window of the car. It was beautiful so I took a photograph.


When I went home, I realized that I have a lot of rain drop photographs taken while stuck in traffic.Β I jokingly told my dad that I could not drive because I tend to stare at things I notice. I will really feel bad if I miss them!



The photo above was taken along a street in Manila. It is a wet market lane. The drops and the strip of onions blended well together.


On the way to Binondo with dad. I used my Nikon coolpix camera here so the drops were not that evident.


Galaxy feels.


side sweeping rain.


Student waiting for the bus along the road somewhere in Taiwan. I know there’s no rain drops but it adds to the drama.

Stay inspired,







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