Tips on Thursdays: How to use your time wisely

24 hours in a day is a lot. Imagine if we allocate five minutes daily to read it will accumulate to 1,825 minutes in a year. However we always want to make excuses and say we don’t have time. What we really mean is that we don’t want to make time or it is not important for us at the moment.

I have wasted so much time watching k-dramas during my elementary years. It was an eye opener for me. I should have used it to read more books or help my parents. Since then, I became more responsible in handling time. Although I still catch myself wasting time on social media and other stuff, I choose to do better. Here are some useful tips that I like to apply and check myself.

Tip#1.ย Invest in your personal growth

  • Meditate. Read the Bible and set time with God first. It enables us to be reminded that we are stewards of the time he has given.
  • Do exercise 20-30 minutes a day (preferably do high interval work outs)
  • Read short books/ articles/ newspaper during commute
  • Study online. There are a lot of free sites such as coursera that offer audit courses and scholarships.
  • Rest and sleep. Set a schedule to be still and do nothing.

Tip #2. ย Invest in the lives of other people

  • Set time to bond with family. If you are living away from your parents, call them over the phone. Don’t forget to attend special events that are meaningful to them.
  • Ask intentional questions over lunch or dinner. Ask how your friends or family is doing.
  • Mentor others. Pass on what you’ve learned to people who are willing to be mentored.
  • Volunteer in a community during your free time

Tip #3. Do Less

  • Minimize watching TV/ youtube or browsing social media. Set a designated time and stick to it. After watching/browsing, ask what did I get from this activity?
  • Put time blocks in reading emails and choose your subscriptions wisely.
  • Only limit to do list to 3-4 major tasks in a day and focus on them. Choose minor tasks that are highly important.
  • Select social events wisely. Do not overcrowd your schedule. Learn to say no.

More importantly while applying these tips always begin with the end in mind as Stephen Covey likes to say. Ask yourself about your long term goals and make sure that what you’re doing is in line with it.

Stay posi,



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