Monday Musings: Rainy days in dela Rosa

I love to walk along the streets! It is my main mode of transportation going to and from the office. Aside from avoiding the heavy traffic in Makati, taking a brisk walk counts as an exercise. What I love about walking is that I get to observe nature and people. I would often look up and just be in awe of the clear blue sky, take a close look at the shrubs, and observe people.

But the idea of walking in the rain can be daunting especially when the rain is so hard. Nonetheless, I still choose to walk because being stuck in traffic is worse. Also, dela Rosa street is known to be flooded all the time. If I wait until the rain completely stops, I will have to soak my feet in the muddy water. Thankfully, I have never done it before. I would often pass by the walkway and wait for the rain to tone down a bit.

Rain can affect our mood. Sometimes I get frustrated when I think about the possibility of being wet while walking or stepping in a pool of water along the street. Over the years, I grew to love the rain. I love to hear the rain drops and I care less if I get wet. Thank God! We can take pleasure in the rain.

Sharing with you some “rainy day” photographs. I hope these serve as a reminder for us to be thankful for every moment.

imagejpeg (1)

imagejpeg (8)
imagejpeg (3)
umbrella parade
imagejpeg (5)
heavy down pour. La nina days
imagejpeg (4)
Kalachuchi trees post rain

imagejpeg (6)imagejpeg (7)

imagejpeg (2)
fallen jasmines post rain

stay posi,






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