Happy Monday + Updates

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re having a blast doing your work. As for me, I will be on a hiatus mode. For the coming month, I will be taking things slowly asking God for clearer directions in my life. I took a break from work knowing that my current job is not in line with my long term plans. I hope everything will turn out to be alright (edit–I know everything will turn out for the best. I just need to trust God). For the meantime, here are my favorite blogs. I hope you can visit them:

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In the kitchen: Why cook at home?

Healthy but pricey hot pot and shrewd cabbage in Saboten, Glorietta
Pancakes + tocino breakfast buffet at Mt. Makiling Recreation Center

I love home cooked meals over food served in restaurants because I know the ingredients are fresh and I have full control in terms of serving size. The downside is that we tend to stick to the usual menu. I really struggle in creating a meal plan that is why I usually give this task to our househelp. I also bring food in my workplace in order to skip the stress of thinking about what to eat.

eggs + veggies
more ingredients

I have nothing against eating a dish a couple of times in a week (but prepared individually of course). It’s just that after making the decision of trying to eat clean made me realize that I have not tried adding a couple of fresh ingredients in our cooking list. This includes the use of herbs, powders, other vegetables like red cabbage, sesame leaves and rocket, root crops such as lotus and taro, brown, black and red rice and a lot more. Also, I wanted to add variety in our meals partly because my other sister is a bit choosy. Having to try new recipes together can create a positive environment for her to learn eating new stuff.

This decision prodded me to be more active in buying the ingredients in the wet market again. I used to go with our househelp but because I don’t want to over commit my Saturday mornings so I decided to forego wet market visits. After noticing that the food served is being mechanical, I stepped in hoping to change this habit for the better.

I must say that I am always a fresh market enthusiast not just for the sake of making sure that what we are eating is of good quality but also because it gives me a happy feeling. Looking at those live crabs, clams, fresh green leaves make me feel more alive. I just feel so good! I hope you can try going to the wet market as well.

I will be sharing the different wet markets I’ve gone to in the succeeding posts.

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Takeaways: The Art of Tidying (Part 1)

One Sunday afternoon I was lying on my parent’s bed/guest room bed/yellow room bed (because they aren’t usually around). I was staring at the wall in front of me. It was completely different from the wall it used to be. It was messy and lots of random stuff were placed without order. I was contemplating on the sermon I heard that morning but I just could not think properly because the view is obstructive.

This view prompted me to check out Marie Kondo’s The life-changing magic of tidying up book. I heard it from my aunt and saw her place completely different from before. It was spacious and clean and so calming.

Seven years ago it was just a wall. Occasionally we put something on top of it when my relatives are around but it was usually bare. I’d like to sit on top of it or stretch or take photos or study. I would then imagine that I’m sitting beside the window while reading a book on a rainy day. Just writing this post make me reminisce those care free days.

Image result for art of tidying up
Photo taken from the web

You may ask, why did we end up having these dividers? My mom was worried that we’d lack storage space because my sister was moving in the condo. We will be three by then and she might not have enough space to keep her stuff (Having enough ‘space’ is always a condo problem). But we ended up splitting the storage space because she doesn’t have much stuff to store. Or maybe I suggested we divide it to accommodate our stuff. Okay honestly I forgot what really happened.

I got the top most shelf by default because of our height order. Even then it is still a struggle to completely keep everything within reach. I would usually place random stuff on top of the other. After several months of doing this (or even years), I could not bear to look at the shelf. It was a disaster.

I asked myself, what happened to the space that I enjoyed before? How did I accumulate all this stuff? How can I declutter? 

These questions led me to Marie Kondo’s book and a series of decluttering not just in this space but to the rest of my stuff and the common stuff in the unit.

I will be sharing my decluttering journey as well as reflections while reading the book in my succeeding posts.

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Thoughts: Lost things


I was browsing my phone gallery when I stumbled upon this old photo collage taken in Hokkaido. It was on the same trip where I took the farm picture in my previous post. We came back in the hotel room to have some rest before dinner but my mind is still wandering. Where did I drop the other pair of my gloves? Did it fell on the streets? Did it fell because I took it off while taking photographs? Was I careless? 

Sometimes we lose things unknowingly. Sometimes we lose things carelessly. Either way I guess there’s always the guilty feeling of not taking good care of our belongings. I would often be angry with myself whenever I lose important stuff because of forgetfulness. Thankfully I am always able to find them inside my bag, underneath my bed or around the house. This time, it wasn’t found. It was lost somewhere in Hokkaido.

At the end of the day, I just laughed it off because I realized I was worrying over this small thing. I realized that I was angry because losing a thing is beyond my control and I could not do anything about it. I realized I was sad because I depend on it to keep my hands warm.

Friends, let us not worry about lost things. Possessions do not define us. They do not give us life. We ought to use them for enjoyment or work but we cannot depend on them solely. We need to depend on God because unlike lost things, he will always be there for us no matter what.

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Monday Musings: Being in the Rain

floating like a queen

Hi there! Have you ever danced in the rain? Or even played in the rain? I wasn’t able to and I dare not. I don’t know how it feels because my mom won’t allow us. She said we will catch colds and get sick. I only know it based on movies like when Gabriella and Troy sang “Can I have this dance?” in High School Musical 3. My closest experience was when I traveled with my friends in Sorsogon during the rainy season. Can you spot the rain drops?

floating like a queen
me floating in the island of Sorsogon, Philippines

I also love to capture moments before the rain starts pouring. It has a drama effect that cannot be obtained when we take photographs of a normal rainy day scene. The picture below was taken when my relatives toured us in the newly built Shangri-la at the Fort. I’m not sure why the leaves have wilted.

When it was about to rain in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Philippines

I was fancying the table and the chair when the rain was about to pour. I took this picture in haste because I’m afraid I’ll get wet. The calmness of the table and the green grass bring offset the dark background of the clouds above. I can even split the photos in half and you won’t notice that they are one of the same.

While at a farm in Hokkaido running in haste

The same scenario happened when I went to Melbourne with my family. It was a very sad picture. It is as if I ran from the castle where the evil witch is.

Walking briskly to a covered area in Melbourne, Australia

Despite the sadness the dark clouds bring, I believe that it is beautiful.

Touring Nikka Whiskey Factory in Hokkaido

I hope we can all dance in the rain literally and figuratively–with or without an umbrella alongside. I love this picture of us inside the factory compound of Nikka Whiskey. We were able to bring green umbrellas inside–japanese style. I took this groupie using the mirror for cars. Can you spot me?

This post is the last of the rainy day series. I hope you enjoyed browsing the photos! For those who weren’t able to view my previous posts I shared about the rainy days in dela rosa here, about my fascination in rain drops here and extreme rains here.

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Field Trip: Paradise Dynasty

Last week I met up with my uncle who came all the way from Bicol. He was here in Manila in preparation for kn’s schooling together with my aunt mentioned in my previous post. We decided to meet up in the newly constructed mall beside Conrad Hotel in SM Mall of Asia.

I suggested that we try Paradise Dynasty. It is located in S Maison Mall and specializes in xiao long bao (XLB). The XLB basket looks pretty interesting. It comes with different flavors that should be eaten in proper order–original, ginseng, foie grass, black truffle, cheese, crab roe, garlic and szechuan. The waiter gave us a sheet of paper as a guide but in order not to be confused, you just have to eat starting from the middle clockwise. We are asked to eat in that order because the XLBs are also arranged from mild to strong flavor.


I created this cartoon of xiao long bao basket in Clip 2 Comic app.


When I entered in the restaurant, it is as if I am in Hong Kong. There were lanterns every where. I also like the interior design. However the space is a bit limited. We were also given a service tea upon entering. I like the little dimsum hanging at the tip of the tea cup.


We ordered lotus buns, sweet and sour pork, wanton noodle soup, grilled shrimp, pork wraps and yang chow rice.


Here is a colorful collage that I made with a whoopie pie taken from the photo shoot I did for my friend’s school thesis. I also wore the polka dots long sleeves for work.

Happy week end!

Stay posi,


Tips on Thursdays: themed photos

Hi there! How’s your week going so far? For today’s tips, I’m sharing how to you can prepare color coordinated photos in your phone library or instagram.

Tip #1. Choose a theme. I usually prepare a theme for a week in order for me to easily pick my subjects, outfits, and style my journal. This week I picked black and white.

Tip #2. Use the same filters. I use the same filter for each of the photographs in order for them to have a uniform look. I also put an instax frame to make it more vintage.

Tip #3. Take photos of random stuff. I took photos of the falling leaves, water bottle, and outfits during the week.


have fun,