In the kitchen: Banana + eggs pancakes

Hi! Today I’m sharing the link of 100% natural pancakes recipe that I’ve tried from Cassey Ho’s blog. It was my first time to cook this type of pancake since I am accustomed with the instant one. I had a hard time flipping the pancakes since they are a bit soft compared to those with flour mixture. I suggest that you make bite sized pancakes since they are easier to cook. Thank you Cassey for sharing this recipe in Blogilates! I always wanted to minimize consumption of ready to eat meals since I started to be more conscious of the food I eat. Here are the photos that I’ve taken while cooking and the final product. I used my ipad mini for the prep/ cooking photos while Sony slr for the final product.


From L-R clockwise (1) Beaten eggs and mashed banana (2) pancakes in the pan (3) First few pancakes that rolled (4) pancakes with berries

I ate these over breakfast with salmon and orange. Did I have too much? Anyway, you might find that the strawberries are still frozen because I was rushing. After the shoot, the berries cooled off a bit. I also added one tablespoon of Manuka honey on top.

I already included this as one of my go-to snacks. What do you eat over snack breaks?

Stay posi,



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