Words on Wednesdays: One step at a time

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. I love to play with words. Most of the time they stuck in my head so I write them down in my notebook, phone or any paper on hand. They serve as notes to self in order for me to stay on track.

Today I’m reminding myself to do things one at a time. I tend to clutter my to do list with everything that I need and want to do but I end up accomplishing nothing. Set goals for the day and strive to accomplish them one at a time. You’re gonna make it through!

I apply the same principle in planning for the future. Right now I’m revisiting my vision, mission and goals as well as the strategies and action plan that I need to make. It will get clearer yay!

I’m also loving the word attitude since Sunday. During the sermon in our church, I am reminded that our attitude is important because it will make or break us in a given situation. We may be having good times and yet still complain. If we carry a joyful attitude despite of the hard times, I think we are better off.

Trust God and stay posi,



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