Thoughts on Tuesdays: Financial Goals and Strategies

nasugbu waves

Have you ever sat down and thought of your long term plans? I did several times. But every time I do it, I never seem to have a final and definite plan. It is a bit blury and vague until now like the sea of waves I encountered while snorkeling! I end up researching how-to tips inΒ Marvin Germo’sΒ site and other books and blogs that I stumble upon. How I wish there is a definite goal plan that we ought to take but there’s none. Right now I still have to decide an investment strategy that will work for me. Do you have an investment strategy? How do you manage your finances? what are your financial goals?

As we decide what to invest on, we need to be reminded that we ought to be good stewards of what God has given us. After all, everything belongs to him. In the end, we will not carry a single thing on the day that we die.

Whatever we are going through, God has got his hands on us. We need not worry.

Stay posi,



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