In the kitchen: Banana + eggs pancakes

Hi! Today I’m sharing the link of 100% natural pancakes recipe that I’ve tried from Cassey Ho’s blog. It was my first time to cook this type of pancake since I am accustomed with the instant one. I had a hard time flipping the pancakes since they are a bit soft compared to those with flour mixture. I suggest that you make bite sized pancakes since they are easier to cook. Thank you Cassey for sharing this recipe in Blogilates! I always wanted to minimize consumption of ready to eat meals since I started to be more conscious of the food I eat. Here are the photos that I’ve taken while cooking and the final product. I used my ipad mini for the prep/ cooking photos while Sony slr for the final product.


From L-R clockwise (1) Beaten eggs and mashed banana (2) pancakes in the pan (3) First few pancakes that rolled (4) pancakes with berries

I ate these over breakfast with salmon and orange. Did I have too much? Anyway, you might find that the strawberries are still frozen because I was rushing. After the shoot, the berries cooled off a bit. I also added one tablespoon of Manuka honey on top.

I already included this as one of my go-to snacks. What do you eat over snack breaks?

Stay posi,



Tips on Thursdays: Introducing yourself

How many times were you asked to introduce yourself? As an introvert, this falls under one of those awkward situations where in I’d rather back out of the meeting or leave the event. Every time I say a word, I panic deep inside. Over time, I have managed to face this fear by preparing and practicing before hand. I hope these tips can help you whether or not you’re an introvert like me.

Who says it’s easy to introduce yourself to a babe?

Tip #1. Know the purpose of your meet up. Is it for business, fun, or a favor? By setting an expectation of the event, you’re preparing your mind that you’ll be doing this for good–for yourself and for others. There were several times that I had to introduce myself to random students during university days as part of a movement in our organization. Through this I was able to be more confident that they will not bother what I say as long as they make them feel better.

Tip #2. Ask yourself what adjectives best describe you. Research in advance several adjectives that defines your personality, your hobbies, or your passion. Be creative! I got my fair share of a embarrassing moments when I sat down as participant in a couple of events and seminars where the host usually conducts a brief ice breaker. We are often asked to introduce ourselves by saying an adjective that starts with the letter of our first names. For some, this might be easy but given that the starting letter of my name is J, I find it difficult. One time I was in a class when we were asked to do this ice breaker and I ran out of adjectives that start with letter J! Two of the words that I knew was taken by my classmate–joyful and jolly. After the class, I researched other words that can be used to describe me but found none. I found the word jaunty to be an aspiration to self. According to Merriam Webster, it means lively in manner or appearance: having or suggesting a lively and confident quality. I still mention jaunty Jannel in my head until now. What adjectives best describe you? Have you thought about them?

Tip #3. Choose the type of clothing suitable for the event.  Check if there are dress codes, themes and other recommended attire. Always wear clothes that will make you feel confident. Know what type of clothes fit your body type and skin tone. There are many sites online including pinterest for our easy reference. Wear comfortable clothes as well. You don’t want to feel uneasy while introducing yourself. I tend to research also the vicinity or the room type. If I do not find any from the internet, I ask my friends who have been to the place. If I cannot find information regarding the place, I make sure that I wear light clothes and bring cardigan or jacket to put on in case the room gets cold. If the place will be held outdoors, I check the weather as well. Most of the time I do commute so in case I need to wear heels or bring my beauty kit, I make sure I just bring the important stuff.

Tip #4. Lastly, know the people you are meeting with. Ask what they do, what they love doing, their passions, and their dreams. You can also ask them tips if they happen to be an expert in some subject matter.  If you are brave enough, you can ask them their biggest regrets and what would they do if given a chance to go back to the situation. Older people tend to tell stories even when not asked to do so. They love to give words of wisdom to us.

I love meeting new friends because I find their stories and experiences very interesting and different from each other. Ironically most of the time, I am often caught up by their questions! I end up wondering what’s theirs. Recently, I write down questions that I want to ask to anyone before hand because it is not natural for me to do so.

Here are some questions that I wrote down as starters:

  • How do you see your life?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What do you do during your past time?

When meeting older people, I like to ask:

  • How do you manage your finances?
  • What was the biggest regret that you had?
  • How can you sleep peacefully at night?

I hope these tips can help you!

stay posi,


Words on Wednesdays: One step at a time

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. I love to play with words. Most of the time they stuck in my head so I write them down in my notebook, phone or any paper on hand. They serve as notes to self in order for me to stay on track.

Today I’m reminding myself to do things one at a time. I tend to clutter my to do list with everything that I need and want to do but I end up accomplishing nothing. Set goals for the day and strive to accomplish them one at a time. You’re gonna make it through!

I apply the same principle in planning for the future. Right now I’m revisiting my vision, mission and goals as well as the strategies and action plan that I need to make. It will get clearer yay!

I’m also loving the word attitude since Sunday. During the sermon in our church, I am reminded that our attitude is important because it will make or break us in a given situation. We may be having good times and yet still complain. If we carry a joyful attitude despite of the hard times, I think we are better off.

Trust God and stay posi,


Thoughts on Tuesdays: Financial Goals and Strategies

nasugbu waves

Have you ever sat down and thought of your long term plans? I did several times. But every time I do it, I never seem to have a final and definite plan. It is a bit blury and vague until now like the sea of waves I encountered while snorkeling! I end up researching how-to tips in Marvin Germo’s site and other books and blogs that I stumble upon. How I wish there is a definite goal plan that we ought to take but there’s none. Right now I still have to decide an investment strategy that will work for me. Do you have an investment strategy? How do you manage your finances? what are your financial goals?

As we decide what to invest on, we need to be reminded that we ought to be good stewards of what God has given us. After all, everything belongs to him. In the end, we will not carry a single thing on the day that we die.

Whatever we are going through, God has got his hands on us. We need not worry.

Stay posi,


Courage to start

I always wanted to start a blog but my perfectionist tendencies dictate that I research some more, try to figure out the best title, work on to make sure the blog will be a success. I ended up not making progress one and a half years later!

Courage to change my hair style

Recently I realized that in almost all areas of my life I am afraid to try because  I am afraid to fail. I listed down things that I really wanted to do in life but kept delaying because I reason that I am not ready for each of them– this blog included. I always like to remind my sister not to cram for exams and projects but I ended up doing the same. 

May this blog post (and my new hair style) remind me of the courage that I need in order to do great things for God and others. 


 Psalm 3:5-6

I lie down and asleep!

I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. 

I will not fear though tens of thousands 

Assail me on every side. 

Stay posi,


Friday Feels+Updates

It has been a crazy one and a half year juggling work and personal life. Time flied so fast but I am happy that I am able to update this blog today! Sharing photos from my recent trip to the Saturday Market in Salcedo park.

Black native chickens for sale
Sunflowers for sale. Aren’t they lovely?

I went to the Saturday market to try the golden duck eggs sold by my college friend under Gawad Kalinga only to find out that the stall isn’t existing anymore. We bought the ordinary salted egg instead from a market nearby.

Half peeled Salted Egg. It stained my fingers!

Have a nice weekend!

Stay posi,